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Warranty Info

Warranty Info

Ten Year limited Warranty

1 - VitrA warrants its plumbing fixtures to be free from manufacturing defects normal use and service for a period of ten (10) years from date of purchase. This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser

2 - VirtA’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or to replacement, at VitrA’s option, of products or parts found to be defective, provided that such products were properly installed and used in accordance with instructions.VitrA reserves the right to make such inspections as may be necessary in order to determine the cause of the defect. This warranty is limited to the replacement of defective parts only.Labor charges and/or damage incurred in installation, replacement or repair,as well as any incidental and consequential damages are excluded and will not b paid by VitrA.

3 - This warranty does not apply for the following issues:

a - Damage or loss sustained in a natural calamity as fire, earthquake, flood, thunder, electrical storms, etc.
b - Damage or loss resulting from any unreasonable use, misuse, abuse, negligence, or improper maintenance of the product.
c - Damage or loss from removal, improper repair or modification of the product.
d - Damage or loss resulting from sediments or foreign matter contained in the water system.
e - Damage or loss resulting from improper installation or from installation of a unit in a harsh and/or hazardous environment.
f - Tank flushing mechanisms made of plastic, metal or rubber moving parts.
g - Toilet seats made of plastic. wood or metal.

4 - This warranty gives you specific legal rights.You may have other rights, which can vary by state

5 - To obtain warranty service you must take the product or deliver it prepaid to a VitrA service facility with a letter stating the problem, contact a VitrA distributor or a product service contractor, or write directly to VitrA USA,305 Shawnee North Drive,Suwanee,GA 30024, 1-877 658 4872. (1-877 65 VitrA)

6 -
This written warranty is the only warranty made by VitrA.Repair or replacement as provided under this warranty shall be the exclusive remedy available to the purchaser.VitrA shall not be responsible for loss of the product, or for other incidental, special or consequential damages or expenses incurred by the purchaser, or for labor or other costs due to installation or removal, or cost of repairs by other or for any other expenses not specifically stated above.


WARNING! VitrA shall not be responsible or liable for any failure of or damage to this product or Product component caused by either chloramine in the treatment of public water supply or in tank Bowl cleaners containing chlorine (calcium hypochlorite).

NOTE : The use of chlorine or chlorine related products can seriously damage the fittings.This can cause leakage and serious property damage.

  • 10 year warranty is offered only for the plumbing fixtures.
  • 2 year warranty is offered for the bathroom furniture.
  • 5 year warranty is offered for bathroom faucets and accesoires.
  • 1 year warranty is offered for bathtubs.