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1.2 High Efficiency Toilet (HET)

VitrA's newest addition, the 1.2 gpf Gravity Flush HET saves 25% more water annually compared to the industry standard 1.6 gpf toilets.

Features and Benefits :

  • First of its kind - VitrA's HET uses just 1.2 gpf, which brings an additional 7% savings on the flush volume compared to other gravity flush HET's
  • Available in elongated and round front extended height bowls
  • Operates in a quiet environment due to silent gravity flush
  • Available in 10", 12" & 14" rough in dimensions
  • ASME, CSA, & LADWP Approved
  • Meets ADA requirements
  • Excellent performance results on Map Testing
    Maximum Performance Testing) up to 800 grams solid discharge
  • Large & clean footprint offers remodeling convenience
  • Fully glazed trapway

VitrA's 1.2 gpf HET can save a family of five 20,000 gallons of water annually over standard 1.6 gpf models.

Technical Information :